We Develop Advanced Dental Products to Improve Quality of Life!


Bone Graft Products and Toothpaste/moussegel

Injectable Allograft in the volume of 0.5cc and 1cc

Our Health Mission

Our scientists research and develop advanced state of art products daily to improve quality of life and human welfare. We lead new discovery and bring our breakthough Biomaterials to the entire world.   

We applied our breakthough biomaterials to bone graft for implantation surgery.  Our bone graft materials are easy to use.  We have a very large product lines including synthetic and allografts.  Not only we have traditional cortical cancellous chips, bi-phasic calcium phosphates/ tri-phasic bioactive glass in combination with collagen in the form of granules and putty, but also injectable and osteo-conductive/ -inductive allografts.


Experience and Professionalism

 With years of experience, our research team will create you an easy way to perform your surgery.   Our allograft is flowable and easy to be injected into the site.

Toothpaste and Toothmousse gel

We applied our breakthough biomaterials (innovative ultra nano hydroxyapatite) into the toothpaste and toothmousse gels. 


1) Prevent Cavity Formation

2) Reduce Sensitivity

3) Do not Contain Fluoride

4) Improve overall Oral Health